Baby Girl Nursery

Baby B's nursery is finally done. It was a labor of love and is filled with heirloom quality items, hand-me downs from big sister, items I crafted and art from one of my best friends bedroom growing up. Needless to say it came out so sweet and is very special.

Baby B has been with us for four months now and there were multiple moments when I didn't think I was going to get the precious third kiddo my heart so desired. From months of trying to multiple miscarriage scares I'm just so happy shes here and every time I peek into her room (even if she hasn't used it yet) it makes me smile and more than appreciate the fact that she is here and in my arms.

Crib Wall

On the crib wall we added beadboard wallpaper (I had no idea this was a thing! and its actually really economical) and the Orange Leaf wallpaper from McGee and Co. I painted the beadboard wallpaper Just Beige from Benjamin Moore. I did this just a few days before Baby B arrived and it took me quite some time as i took a lot of breaks!

The crib is the classical style Jenny Lind crib that was also in Aspens room. Fun fact I've now purchased three cribs (and only one has been slept in so far!). My plan was to use the crib that was in Aspen's room but we lost the hardware to it and when putting it together with what we thought was the right hardware we broke off the screw in the hole. I found the exact same crib off facebook marketplace and purchased it. The crib sheet was from McGee and Co and I purchased a simple oat linen crib skirt which I added vintage trim to.

I hung a musical moon on one side of her crib which gives me all sorts of feelings of nostalgia. This was from Cottonwood Company. Also on the crib is a sweet knitted blanket from Zara Home and a crib organizer with a Hazel Village Fox.

Above the crib is a Mobil I made. I ordered the pom-poms off of etsy and already had the hoop. In the corner is the same rocker that was in Aspens room, a lamp with a pleated shade i made (tutorial from Wild Flower Home Blog) and the side table is from Urban Outfitters.

Window Wall

I still have plans for this area and am wanting to add some detail around the window area. I was set on having a french linen tufted cushion in the window seat. I had read DIY tutorials on them and decided it was a bit too advanced for my sewing skill level so I had one custom made from Etsy. I also hung a rattan sconce. It isn't hard wired but I plan on putting a puck light in it. This wall also contains rattan hooks with sweet bonnets and clothing that I've collected for Baby B. There are also three pressed florals hung on this wall. The daisies Aspen and I picked and dried together. We also have a Hearth and Hand dollhouse on this wall. The big kids love it and play in it daily, it's only a matter of time until Baby B joins them.

Closet/Desk Wall

I've always liked to make sure that my kids closets are just as cute as the room. Filling their closets with cute clothes is also something I thoroughly enjoy. With B being my 3rd baby, I was fully aware we would likely live in zip up onesies the first several months so I made sure to purchase the cutest sleepers on the market. Her closet has ikea cubes with studio mcgee x threshold baskets. I also like to keep a couple of baskets to throw clothes shes outgrown into. One basket is keep, the other is to get rid of.

There's also a sweet built in desk in her room that has a vintage chair at it and some of her goodies such as bows and her baby book. I've been using the Short Years Baby book which is ap based. It makes it easy to stay on top of. You answer questions and upload photos in the ap and as you finish they print them and send them to you!

Armoire Wall

This might be my favorite wall in the entire room. The armoire was a facebook marketplace find. I hung a vintage mirror above it which I added a fabric bow that matches the pleated lamp shade fabric. I was also on the hunt for a parasoul lamp for her room. I went into homegoods every chance I got to look for that lamp. I went into homegoods the day before I was going to be induced and found TWO! This was honestly one of my favorite days. I went and got my nails done for a little pre-labor pampering (thats a thing right?!) and ran into my grandma at the nail salon so I got to get a pedicure with her and then found the lamps immediately after!

I really loved how her room turned out despite looking nothing like my original mood board. I hope you enjoy taking a little peek into her sweet room.

I'm slowly working on adding links to this post. In the mean time if you have questions where something is from, do not hesitate to ask!


Crib Wall

Beadboard Wallpaper

Orange Wallpaper

Jenny Lind Crib

Crib Sheet

Crib Skirt

Musical Moon

Crib Organizer

Donkum Doll

Rattan Table

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