Our baby girl turned three last month. I seriously can't believe how fast babies grow up. Aspen is all things spunky. She's clever, she's strong willed, she's has an imagination like none other and just when she's about to drive you nuts she will flip the sweet switch and say something like "i love you just the way you are mommy".

I know COVID has sucked for a lot of people and been a sense of anxiety but for our family it's honestly been a huge blessing as I've gotten to work from home and Jud's rotating shift schedule was altered, for the better. We've spent so much more time as a family and being intentional with doing activities and our time together. I'm lucky that my kids aren't old enough to understand that things are different. I knew that we wouldn't be having a big party this year and I also knew Aspen wouldn't even realize it. However, I still wanted to celebrate our girl. I took the day off of work and we had a picnic themed birthday. I had intended for it to be outside and get out the pool and sprinkler too but it was super windy that day so we celebrated inside.

Our furry family member also turned TEN in June and we celebrated with pup cakes and a little photo shoot. I was honestly super emotional on Amy's birthday (we don't know her real birthday since she was rescued but we celebrate June 26 :)). Amy's age is showing and she's having some health problems. I know her days are limited and I was very emotional that this could be her last birthday. I'm so happy I have these photos of her.

All party supplies and balloon garland were from Love of Character. The sugar cookies were from Sweet SugarLicious Wendi.