Dinosaur Ice Cream Birthday

 We celebrated our girls FOURTH birthday last weekend. She's all things fun, spunky and stubborn.

Ever since her 3rd birthday she's talked about having a Dinosaur Ice Cream birthday party. She came up with the theme all by herself and I immediately envisioned Dino's eating ice cream cones.

The party was filled with both dinosaurs and ice cream decor and we had a build your own sundae bar that the kids loved. 

The balloon garland along with many of the party supplies were from Love of Character and the delicious sugar cookies were from Sweet Sugarlicious Wendi. Both are my go-to's for every party I throw.

Scroll through for all the details of her party. Links to everything are at the bottom of the post.

I repurposed the fringe from Cooper's first birthday which can be seen here. I didn't remove any of the colors from the original garland and just added pink, lavender and teal. I can't believe how much it changed.

The sugar cookies are always the highlight of the party. They are seriously so good. sometimes when cookies are this pretty they don't taste good but these are def 10/10. The dinosaur egg ice cream was my personal favorite. 

The dinosaur platters are Meri Meri from Love of character. I actually had a hard time figuring out plates and went 2-3 times and bought different stuff but I'm glad this is what we ended up with! 

I don't always set a kids table for the parties but did this time. It's so fun and festive to do.

I always love arranging flowers for the party. All the flowers were from TJ's. I typically try to get them a couple of days in advance and get the arrangements done.

I loved the ice cream cups. These were from Shop Sweet Lulu.

I spray painted small plastic dinosaurs from amazon to put on the top of the cupcakes. I also made my own sprinkle mixture from a couple of different bottles from HomeGoods.

Target's Good Day Ice cream line came in handy for the ice cream bar. We did cones, cone bowls, nuts, cherry's, chocolate, caramel, sprinkles, oreos and reeses for topping options.

These were the only treats i actually made and the kids had fun helping me make them the day before.

I loved all the wooden dinosaurs. They are a bit of a splurge but are very good quality. I envisioned all of them with party hats on and presents tied to their backs but that seemed like a lot of work.

The cookies normally get their own photoshoot because they are always so perfect.

This gal was so cute and Aspen loved her party hat.

My sweet mama made the cake which we didn't even end up cutting into but every treat table needs a cake as the center....

I attempted to cut out watermelon dino's and ice cream cones but it was harder than i imagined. 

The kids enjoyed playing in the ice cream truck. We also had a huge dino sprinkler set up along with the pool, slip and slide, and dino pinanta. Fun was most definitely had my all.

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