Self Family Photos

One of the things we wanted to do this year was update our family photos. And while i still plan on hiring a photographer to do that once the world is back to normal or it's new normal, I made my family get out of their PJ's (seriously, first time in a couple of weeks) and smile for the camera. 

So today I'm sharing my self-family portrait tips with you so you too can document some of this time at home with your family as well as a few of the pictures from our photo shoot!  While, I do have professional camera equipment I think you could utilize a phone camera and take some of these tips and still come out with great photos.

The gear I used was the following:
Canon 6D Mark II
Sigma 35mm/f1.4 lens
Canon Camera Remote

I had my camera on the following settings: 1/200, f3.2 and ISO on AUTO (we don't have great natural light so my iso was pretty high for most of the shoot - above 2000).

Set Up:
Ideally we would have been facing a window with the camera between the window and us but we don't have a pretty room set up like this. I also don't mind the shadows in these pictures as they give off a somewhat moody vibe which I love. 

I'm really not into posey, pose pictures which lucky for me, toddlers and dogs don't normally give that to you anyways so we just took pictures sitting on the bed, letting the kids jump, tickling the kids, kissing them and then reading a book. 

Don't stress about the outfits coordinating. We have pretty neutral basic wardrobes but I put zero effort into making sure we all coordinated. I would recommend making sure your husbands socks don't have HANES written on the bottom of them haha.  

Other tips:
I highly recommend letting the kids push the remote button. thats honestly how we got so many pictures of the kids looking at the camera lol. Pro-Tip - if you have more than one child give them a remote too. 

I edited all of these in lightroom. I use MMX Presets and SMAL Presets with them slightly tweaked to my liking. 

Hope your are able to capture some great pictures and memories of your family during this strange time!

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