Master Bedroom Reveal

It seems like such a weird time to be revealing our master bedroom and such a trivial thing to be excited about and share with all that is going on in the world. There is so much uncertainty in life right now that even if your family has only been marginally affected by virus the future is stlll scary and unsettling. That is currently the category my family falls into. And although fear comes over me each and every day, I find things that distract that fear and am finding the blessings in every day life.

So while it may seem silly that I am sharing our master bedroom, we've been sleeping on mattresses on the ground since October and are more than excited to now have a new beautiful bedroom. Creating beautiful spaces and images is also a distraction from reading mass amounts of news articles and facebook posts about covid-19. We will appreciate this room even MORE than we would have before as we spend all of our time at home and may need a retreat away from the littles daily. But, who am i kidding, one of the littles sleeps with us ;)

I will be sharing links and will add them later but for now I've decided to hold off.

I hope that this helped distract you for a few minutes form the world events. I also truly hope you and your family can find ways to thrive during this time.

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  1. I am so inspired by your bedroom. Will you share where you found that bed?