Coffee Shop

I had in my mind that I wanted to do a coffee shop photoshoot for awhile. Lucky for me, my beautiful cousin is a senior and is always down to be my model. We had a fun little morning with Maren, Aspen and myself at two different local coffee shops.

I loved this session so much that I thought it needed more than just a few pictures shared on my IG. Here's some of my favorites pictures from our coffee date.

Santa brought this really cute camera for Aspen this year. It has a memory card and actually takes pictures. It's great because then I don't have to share my camera :).

So I wont lie, we felt a little awkward shooting in a crowded public place like this but it was so worth it! Some other sessions I'd love to do are a mommy and me at a donut shop, a couple at a brewery or swanky wine bar and MORE COFFEE SHOPS so if you are down to go and be awkward with me hit me up!! 

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