Kitchen Renovation Plans

Our kitchen was one of the first things I wanted to renovate (and initially had a much smaller scope!) in our home. The previous owners had painted the cabinets white and re-done the counter tops and back splash, it just wasn't my style.

I thought that I'd modify some cabinets, change out hardware on others and just do back splash and counter tops. However, that's grown into a complete kitchen gut with all new cabinets.

I had Jessica at Renovate 108 model my vision for our kitchen in Sketch Up and wanted to come on here today to share the plans. There's still a few things I'm uncertain on like when it's going to happen, what cabinet brand I'm going with and if I'm going to do all my lowers dark or not..

Let's start with our existing kitchen. It's definitely not terrible and is currently functional but I hate having a microwave above my stove, not having a trash can pull out, seeing the side of my bulky fridge and not having finishes that match my particular taste. We did replace the pendants above the island since we moved in but haven't touched it other than that.

We aren't changing the overall layout of our kitchen. No walls will be knocked down and all major appliances stay where they are currently located (with the exception of the microwave).

When I first went into this I knew I wanted a combination of white, dark and wood accents. I thought I wanted all my main cabinets white and then my island and coffee bar dark. Jud thought it wasn't enough color though.

So then we decided to turn all the cabinets dark, and I do have to admit I love it this way however, I know deep down, I'm a white cabinet girl...

So, I think the perfect balance of what we've settled on (subject to change) is white uppers with dark lowers throughout.

We are starting our kitchen remodel with the coffee bar which is about 1/2 complete already. We've painted the lower cabinets (utilizing our existing cabinets in an effort to see if they are worth salvaging for the entire kitchen). The shelves and paneling are all built, stained and sealed sitting in the garage. We wanted to wait until we got past Aspen's birthday before we started the heavy demo.

We also decided to add the fun little detail of the black shiplap. Our current ceilings aren't popcorn but they are weird texture that I hate so anywhere I can get rid of them, I am!

I love the combination of the dark and light.

The little shelf behind the stove might be my favorite detail in the entire kitchen.

This was a lighting option but we are going to maintain our existing lighting since we just installed them about 6 months ago.

I can't wait to see the kitchen come together. I'm actually not sure when we are actually going to renovate it. I saved for it while I was on maternity leave but can't seem to pull the trigger to do it for personal reasons. But you can bet when/if I finally do it, I'll bring you guys along for the process!

Puppy Dog Birthday

Our baby girl is two. She brings us so much joy. She's a little ball of spunk. She's smart. She's sweet. And we are so happy she is ours.

One of my favorite things to do is plan and throw parties. Her first birthday party was perfectly soft and girly and you can see it here.

Aspens first word was dog and she's obsessed with all dogs so naturally a puppy themed birthday party fit her this year. We hadn't had a party at our new house so we decided to stay home and have the party here. I was worried that it wouldn't turn out well because our house is set up kind of weird for a party but it turned out perfect.

There were puppy ear head bands for the kids to wear and an "Adoption Center" for them to take home a stuffed puppy dog.

For food we had a hot dog bar, which I ended up getting lazy on at the last minute and not cutting up the avocado, tomato, sautéing the onions and making the baked beans and macaroni and cheese but it was still delicious. My personal favorite hot dog is one with sautéed onions, baked beans, bacon bits and avocado slices.

We also had  a sweets station which had Pupcakes, Bow-wownies (brownies), Max-a-roons (macaroons) and sugar cookies.

Sweet Sugarlicious Wendi made the cookies, September Moon Cupcakery made the cupcakes and Lavender and Clover made the cute food tags (which were of our dog!).

The cups, plates and napkins were from Love of Character, who also provided the balloon garland and came over and installed it!

Below are just a few of my favorite pictures.... I tend to take WAYYYY too many pictures at events and shoots. What can ya do?!

My brothers real life puppy dog came to the Pawty.

She really was not a fan of singing happy birthday and being the center of attention.

I had really intended on no presents and only taking donations to the humane society but forgot to put that on the invitations so not everyone got the memo... 

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed this super sweet puppy birthday party as much as we did!