Playroom Plans

The playroom is the third bedroom of our second story (the other two are the kids main rooms). I've been super excited to start on this room but needed to finish the kids rooms prior. Items I've ordered for the room have started showing up so I thought I'd pop on here and show you my plans!

My inspiration was of course drawn from Studio McGee past project kid spaces. I'm pretty sure ALL my inspiration these days is from them. The two images below are their design.

I fell in love with this plaid rug and wanted to use it somewhere in the house. The playroom was the next room I was working on soooooo that's where it's going!


I debated upon several different cube organizers but you really just couldn't beat the cost of this one. This should be arriving today!

Storage Cubbies

These baskets were the perfect neutral item to go on the storage cubby. Really hope I ordered the right size. Late night shopping.... sometimes you miss the details.


Ultimately, we are going to reuse our couch from our current living room but i debated buying this one while it was 40% off. I really wanted a couch in the room and a TV so we could watch football while watching our kids play. Or put cartoons on something other than our main TV which has HGTV on repeat (or right now Hallmark Christmas movies).


I came across this mountain alphabet print and knew we had to have it in the playroom since both kids are named after places in Colorado.

Mountain Alphabet Print

I wanted a large scale print for above the couch. I actually bought a tapestry from Society 6 that was the inverse colors of these. Excited to see it. Tapestries are typically cheaper ways to add art to a room. However, they give a very relaxed informal feel. Thats exactly what i wanted in the playroom.

National Parks Print

Our family friends mom just wrote this book. I'm so excited to have it for the kids. I grew up in a recreational aircraft community (Benton if you are local...and if you havent been to Stearman please go NOW!).

Robby Learns to Fly

And the rest are just a few new toys/books for the room that will be decor AND toys. Love dual purpose.

Atlas of Adventure

Mountain Stacker

Wooden Airplane


Book Holder

I can't wait to actually put the room together. Hopefully I get it done by Christmas so we have a spot for all the new toys!

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