Kids Bathroom Reveal

It's been a long time coming but I'm finally sharing our upstairs bathroom we remodeled. I've shared a few photos of it on Instagram but wanted to come on here today and share all the details!

The bathroom wasn't terrible when we moved in and I definitely could have given it a face lift and remodeled later but we are taking the mentality of do it once, do it right. Until I'm ready to remodel spaces again. Yes, we plan on being here a longggg time. I also just wanted a nice clean, new tub to bathe my babies in....

I shared a blog post here with my plans for the bathroom and the budget. I'm happy to say I pretty much stuck with my plan and only overran the budget by ~$1,000 which for my first renovation, I'm happy with.

The one thing that did change was the vanity. There's a whole story behind it, I ordered the one in my post of my plans but ultimately ended up installing this one.

I always make sure bathroom towels are pretty since they are typically on display.

We went with champagne bronze fixtures and I absolutely love them. They aren't shiny but aren't flat either. If I was comparing them to paint I'd call them eggshell. There's probably designer code words for them but I'm a rookie.

I ordered the so fresh and so clean clean sign from Society 6, where I've been ordering a lot of art lately. I had no idea it was a rap song until Jud told me.

My succulent is pretty much already dead but oh well.

I love this fish scale tile and was obsessed with putting it in the kids bathroom because I thought it was so fun.

We went wth three panel mission style doors that we purchased from a local lumbar yard but Lowes and Home Depot also have them.

And we can't forget the before.....

Grout - Delorian Gray Sanded Grout for both the shower wall and floor
Wall Color - SW Alabaster
Trim and door color - SW Gray Screen
Shower Tile - This tile is not your standard thickness so shouldn't be used on floors as it has a tendenacy to crack. We haven't had any issues but it's on the wall. We did have issues finding the bullnose trim locally for it.
Floor Tile
Vanity Lights
Shower Trim
Door - we actually ended up going with prehung instead of slab since we were redoing all the casing but this is a link to the style.
Door Handles

Thanks for stopping by today and following along with our renovation journey!

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