Christmas TV Wall

I've shared this space on instagram a couple of times and received lots of DM's regarding the credenzas that I used on the TV wall so I thought I'd pop on here and and do a post regarding our TV wall.

First off, planning a TV wall is probably one of the trickiest items in a living space when you also want your living space to be pretty. Built in's are always a good option but if you aren't handy (us!) or don't have a good contractor on hand, coming up with another option might be required. I knew I needed selves in my living room because I love to style shelves and the TV wall seemed to be the obvious answer. I then went on a hunt for a really long buffet because when you put floating shelves around your TV you want the base to span the distance of the shelves to create the illusion of a built in. Go look at pictures on pinterest of floating shelves around TV's and you will see some that don't have a full base and they just don't look as good.

Anyways, I wanted to keep my buffet cost below $1,000 because any higher, I might as well of just hired our contractor to build me custom built ins. My wall is 114" so finding a buffet I liked, that long, within budget pretty much proved to be impossible. I had been eyeing the Warwick credenzas from Target and wanted to use them somewhere in my house and had the idea of putting two together. I absolutely love the way they turned out.

The price point of the warwick was so good that I was honestly a little worried about them being cheesy in person. They are really good quality for the pricepoint. Take that comment with a grain of salt, they aren't heirloom furniture. My toddler has hung on the doors though and they haven't broke.. I also love how much storage they provide in our living room. We have shoved lots of toys in them!!!

I was also worried about the doors looking weird when I put two of them together but they honestly don't bother me at all and I actually like it! 

For floating selves we actually used these ones from Target. Ikea Lack shelves are a better pricepoint but didn't have the size we needed.

They were a little tricky to install so we called over my dad. Ikea lack shelves were a bit easier to install. But these weren't terrible all four of them were installed within an hour including beer breaks.

I immediately had to style the shelves for Christmas and used some vintage books I had in the basement as well as all decor I had on hand.

We still need to hide the TV cords but theres lots of good kits for those that we will eventually do that on a weekend afternoon. Right now these baskets from McGee and Co are hiding them.

I absolutely love how this space turned out. I did make Jud paint just this wall Alabaster so I could make sure that was the color I wanted on our main level and so we could hang the shelves. However we've since decided to start renovations on our main level so all of our decor and our warwick cabinets have been moved to the basement! 

If you are debating buying these cabinets- I'd definitely say to go for it! 

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