Amazon Holiday Gift Guide

I don't want to brag or anything but all of my Christmas shopping is done. Advantages to having a new baby and lots of middle of the night shopping sprees :). I'm not saying you are behind on Christmas gifting if yours isn't done, there were times growing up I remember going shopping on Christmas Eve. But, if you are like me and like to avoid retail shopping (mainly the crowds!) this time of year and do most of your shopping online, then yes.. time is running out.

However, Amazon Prime has your back. Amazon literally has everything but it's daunting to browse so I've rounded up some favorites from Amazon that would make great gifts!

Marble Fruit Bowl

Faux Sheepskin

Dough Bowl

Market Basket

Tub Caddy'

Wine Cooler

Barr Co Lotion and Soap Set

Capi Blue Volcano Candle

Turkish Towels

Temperature Control Mug

Cutco Trimmer


Candle Holder

Cutting Board

wall Hangers

Recipe Box

Sleek Echo

Coffee Table Book

Cook Book

I should also say, this post is NOT to take away from shopping local. If you are able, you should still support local and small businesses. The season of life I'm currently in, just supports a lot of online stores so i can spend more time with my kiddos.

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