2018 Year in Review

WOW! What a freakin year. Not sure we could of squeezed any more major life events in one year or how we can possibly beat 2018 but life is funny like that and it seems to just be getting sweeter!

I thought I'd come on here and recap our year by month because I seriously NEVER want to forget 2018!!


We rang in the new year and had kind of a blank slate for the year. We knew we'd take a vacation at some point but other than that and celebrating our girls first birthday that's all we really had planned.

Jud turned 39 at the beginning of January and we celebrated and both got very, very sick after. I thought I was pregnant and was excited about that but then he got sick too and

I felt like I had this working mom gig figured out.....I blogged all about a day in the life of Aspen at 7 months here.

And then most importantly in January, baby Coop was conceived! 


We found out we were pregnant in February. I pretty much knew I was because I could smell the HCG in my urine and just felt "pregnant". I took a test way before i missed my period and it was positive. Finding out we were pregnant with Coop was a much different experience than with Aspen. We have a very similar picture with Aspen but I have smeared mascara from crying for so long beforehand.

We took a trip to Colorado and between pregnancy sickness and the altitude I pretty much felt miserable the entire time. Aspen also didn't sleep on this trip so that was fun.... We are going back this February and hopefully our kids will cooperate so we can enjoy ourselves!


We announced Aspen was going to be a big sis. You can read our announcement here.

We put Aspen on a swing for the first time and she loved it!! Oh my heart, she was so little and sweet!! 


We celebrated Easter with our sweet girl with the news out in the open we were having another baby!! Those first 12 weeks are kind of fun having this huge secret BUT I JUST WANTED TO TELL EVERYONE THIS TIME. Probably because with Aspen I kept it on the DL for over 6 months.... 


We planned an impromptu trip to Hawaii (we wanted to go here but when we found out Baby 2 was on the way we knew we needed to go sooner rather than later). We left baby girl for the first time and it was so hard but I'm so happy we did't have to wrestle her on that long flight!

The volcanos started erupting while we were there but we had such a great time and I can't wait to go back when I can actually enjoy a pina colada.

I also celebrated my first Mothers Day. Here's four generation of Lorraine middle names right here!


In June we celebrated our sweet girls first birthday. You can see all the party details here.


Here's the month that got really hectic. We went to the lake over 4th of July weekend.

Jud talked me into listing our house for sale...  See all the listing photos and why we wanted to move here.

We got an offer immediately and hadn't started shopping yet so we quickly house hunted and found a new home.

You can see the listing photos of our current home here.


We got engaged! 

I haven't talked much about wedding plans but we are planning to get married in Colorado in 2019. We haven't done much planning yet. Lives been kind of busy haha!


We finished our first renovations on our house.

You can see the bathroom reveal here.

Aspens room reveal (also decorated for Christmas because it took me forever to actually decorate and blog her room.)

I also celebrated my 29th birthday one week before baby Coop was born..


October by far was my favorite month which is when Baby Cooper joined us!

I do still plan on sharing all of baby Coops newborn pictures and his birth story but was trying to get through the holidays first. It will be my next blog post - promise!


Aghhh we are finally done with major life events but enjoyed spending the holidays with our sweet kiddos. 

I'm having way too much fun coordinating the kids outfits. Also family pictures with a toddler is pretty much impossible.

We took sweet Santa pictures at 9 Sparrow Lanes studio. You can see all of those photos here.


We just enjoyed Christmas as a complete family. We didn't manage to get any pictures on Christmas day but my dad came over Christmas Eve and captured these sweet PJ family photos that I will cherish forever.

I seriously can't believe we crammed all of that into one year. 2018 has by far been the best year of my life. I get scared that I will never be able to top this year.... but I bet somehow, someway we will be able to!! Cheers to 2019! Happy New Years friends.

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