Santa Pictures!

We received the Santa photos back we took a few weeks ago with 9 Sparrow Lane. Oh my goodness was it the sweetest set up in the cutest little cottage studio. And Santa, he was perfect. Even I wanted to crawl up on his lap and tell him everything I wanted for Christmas (I didn't - don't worry).

I've been maybe a little early with my Christmas spirit this year but when you see Santa the weekend after Halloween, you really just cant help but get in the spirit and deck out your entire house in Christmas tree's afterward.

Aspen loves her books right now. Not so much reading the stories but flipping through, and ripping out pages. Ya know, toddler shennanigans. We got half a smile out of her when Santa broke out the book.

Coop and one of his many grumpy man faces. I swear, he's really never grumpy though! 

My personal favorite because this is real life. This is real life even when Santa's not around. Toddler fits are serious ya'all. I always thought before having kids, when I'd see a kid acting out in public, that my kids would never act like that. LOL. 

This is also one of my favorite Aspen faces. When she's mad at you but not quite fit territory yet, she will avoid eye contact. When do these tiny humans get so many emotions and opinions? I swear, it happened overnight. 

Mr. Cooper looks so cozy and peaceful snuggled up in Santa's arms.

Those big brown eyes get me every time. 

Also, isn't this the sweetest kiss from Santa? I'm normally weird about people kissing my kids (thank you RSV season) but I absolutely loveee this.... 

Christi took such beautiful photos. I swear Aspen cried the ENTIRE time but she managed to get some pictures with her looking somewhat content. Photographers are magic, right? I mean honestly, every time I look at professional photos of our family I feel a sense of magic... these people are my people, and God gave me them!

I never really planned on going to the mall to get Santa photos but these pictures solidified that feeling. We will be visiting Christi, Santa and the cute elves (her kiddos) at the studio year after year. And you can bet that grandparents will be getting pictures of my kids for Christmas.

I highly recommend booking your next family, maternity, birth (SO WISH I WOULD HAVE DONE BIRTH PHOTOS WITH ONE OR BOTH OF MY KIDS), newborn.. ya know whatever type of session you need with 9 Sparrow Lane. Side note: can I have another kid so I can have birth photography?

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