Holiday Gift Guide for the Littles

Probably my favorite people to shop for are my kids. I went a bit overboard last year and realized that when I was unwrapping all of Aspens Christmas presents and she had no idea what was going on (she was only 6 months!). This year though, I think she will enjoy opening presents and get excitement and joy out of it.

For Cooper I'm going to keep it simple and just do a stocking for him so I've rounded up a few cute stocking stuffers and then I couldn't help but throw in a few cute items he could grow into.

Anyone that knows me, knows I hate typical kid/baby stuff that's plastic and bright. We of course have that stuff (I try to make sure it's the small stuff that will fit in baskets and be easily hid) but I have managed to not have any big eye sores that are toys. Winning.

I've split this up into two parts - this one is what Aspen is getting (age 17 months).

ABC What Can She Be

Sticker Book

Dog Purse

Blabla Kids Dog

Make Up Kit


Band in a Box

Art Easel

Wooden Magnetic Letters

And here are some ideas for Coop.

Stroller Cards

Animal Soft Book

Pink is for Boys

Shape Sorter

Rainbow Stacker

Blabla Kids Dog

Wooly Dog Chair

Push Walker

Twilight Buddies Lamb

Rocking Goat

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