Holiday Decor

I'm so excited to have time to blog!! Well, lets be honest, I have quite a bit of time right now since I'm on maternity leave and pretty much my only job during the week is to keep a sweet baby happy and I lucked out in that department, he's a pretty content baby. The weekends, I have to keep the toddler happy too and that's a more demanding job.

I started ordering Christmas decor a few weeks ago. Most sites released their holiday items a week or two before Halloween and with all the middle of the night feedings I had lots of opportunity to online shop :). I've rounded up my favorite decor items and wanted to share them with you today! I know there's LOTS of holiday decor guides and gift guides coming out right now and I'm a little late to the party but wanted to join in on all the fun.

Every year I do my Christmas decor a bit different... Which makes for lots of Christmas tubs in the storage room and a bit expensive on the pocket book... but i just can't help myself. This year there's lots of greenery, natural elements such as greenery, tree prints and then colors are black, white and pop of red. OH MY! And then of course some gold/brass accent pieces.

Black and Red Stocking

I grabbed these the other day and have them in a black tray with some greenery underneath and love the look.

Black and Red Pillow

This is a great set of bells and is actually quite big.

I have this ribbon and love the subtle pop of red. I've used it to hang a few wreaths and will use it in wrapping presents as well.

Geometric Christmas Ornaments

This greenery filler is one of my favorite items i picked up this year and I might actually grab another box or two.

These are super hot this year, i actually ordered two of them. This set and the other that's in this post. I plan on tying these onto some wreath's.

Winter Harvest Stocking

I love this and have a similar one that is holding the paper geometric ornaments (toddler friendly!!).

Thanks for stopping by today. Happy shopping and decorating!!! 

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