Baby Girl Christmas Nursery

I've really been in a funk with Aspens nursery in our new house. I didn't want to change things up until we made her big girl room but it really just didn't fit her personality anymore. We will address designing her a room that is "her" when we do her big girl room. For now, I've embraced all the girliness.

You can see her nursery in our old house here (most sources are linked in this post). 

I changed up a few minor things. The biggest thing that's changed is her new room is big enough for a love seat. We've loved having it in the room and sit there before bed every night and look out the widow over the neighborhood. 

It just so happen that as I was putting her room together, I was also decorating for Christmas so her room is decked out in what I'm calling "Girly Christmas".

Her room has this massive window and the room gets the best natural light in the entire house. 

We added these ikea photo ledges to hold some books that we can change up seasonally. Also, "If Your Happy and You Know It" is her favorite song and I found this cute little print at Love of Character. 

I added this round brass mirror from Target above the changing table (can't wait until I can call it a dresser instead of a changing table!) that I already had.

We also added some wooden pegs to hold bows, a basket full of stuffed animals and her outfit she wore on her first birthday (I think I'll keep that forever).

The Aspen pillow is from Linen and Ivory.

I love a good organized closet. She surprisingly doesn't have a ton of clothes so I took the opportunity to use the right half of her closet as a mini gallery wall and shelf to decorate...

I love these cube organizers (you can find them pretty much anywhere, target, walmart, ikea, etc) for closets. The top two shelves we have toys and blankets on but below we have cubes that store diapers and diaper pail liners.

Ha this was my treat after decorating her room... Apple Cider in my Santa Mug! 

I still havent hung anything above her crib.... when i find the perfect thing, I will know.

This ornament was her yearly onament from last year. Can't wait to have this tradition with both kids.

All bottle brush trees are from target dollar spot last year.

I did't link any sources here, mainly because I'm being lazy and quite honestly, it takes a lot of time to link items and my baby will only let me put him down for so long LOL. The majority of the sources are in the original nursery blog post here. If you can't find something I'd be happy to let you know where it's from! 

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