Kids Bathroom Reno!

We've been in the house a week now and have most of our spaces functional. Our bedroom/bathroom are set up, the kitchen is functioning and we've cooked several meals, the TV and internet are working and Aspen has her room set up in the dining room.

Our very first plans for the house were to renovate the kids space which include both kids rooms, a playroom and their bathroom which is all upstairs. Jud got to work and a day or two after we moved in took off all the trim and doors and started the demo process! We are now ready for the contractors to come in and help us put it back together! I've spent wayyyy too much time on my phone looking for the perfect finishes within budget for the kids bathroom and I'm almost sick of even looking at it and it's not even in yet. eek.

The one thing I was absolutely set on was fish scale tile.

I spent a long time trying to figure out what flooring I wanted to go with the fish scale and ultimately decided to go very cheap and classic, white hexagon mosiac tile. Both will have gray grout. I had sticker shock on tile prices once I started pricing it. EEK! 

I also really, really wanted an open shelf vanity to add a bit more character to the room but wanted to try and stay under budget. I set my vanity budget at $1,500 and could have gotten one for that but wanted to save some money too. 

I read a lot about mixed metals and was a bit worried that the hardware on the vanity was black while I was doing all champagne bronze fixtures. I'm going to tie the black in with the towel bar and some accessories (candle, print, hand towel, etc).

Links to all items are below.

Bath Tile
Hexagon Tile
Vanity Light
Shower Trim
Hand Towel
Towel Hanger
Volcano Candle
I Love You So Print
TP Holder

Along with the bathroom re-model upstairs is also getting a nice fresh coat of paint, trim and doors. We are doing SW Alabaster on the walls and SW Gray Screen for all the wood work.

Source for Room Colors: Room for Tuesday

The doors I've chosen are craftsman style and I can't wait to see them. I hope they don't look weird painted gray though!

I also wanted to share a little bit about budget. This is my first home renovation, EVER so I wasn't really sure what to expect as far as money spent. When I made a budget for everything I was very surprised at how quickly cost added up. It feels weird and personal sharing the budget, but I share everything else, so why not! If you are planning a renovation I hope this will give you an idea of what items costs that you can use for renovation planning purposes!

6 Bedroom Doors - $650
6 Closet Doors - $650
Door Levers - $200
Baseboard and Trim - $500
Paint (Material and Labor) - $2,250
Bathroom Tile - $700
Vanity - $1,200
Mirrors - $80
Tub - $200
Lights - $400
Ceiling Fans - $400
Faucets - $240
Shower Trim - $150
TP Holder - $40
Labor - $4,200

If you have any questions about the new house or the renovation plans, feel free to ask! Also, for those DIY pro's out there and who have lived through home renovations, I'd love your tips and tricks!

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