We Found a New House!

If you follow me on instagram or read my blog (BTW - does anyone actauly read this?! I never know!). You know we listed our house for sale and the first people that looked at it the day after listing put in an offer! It was a much quicker time line than we were anticipating. We weren't planning on house hunting until this weekend but decided we need to make a game plan quickly as the people buying our house were moving on relocation and wanting to close on the 31st.

I'm pretty aware of new houses coming on/off the market because I check Zillow on the daily, even when I'm not at the market for a new house. I'm going to have to lay off that for awhile otherwise I will probably find something "better" and be upset. We knew where we wanted to be. We wanted to be in Wichita taxes but Andover schools and in a neighborhood with no specials. If you aren't aware of specials, they are a weird KS thing that cost ~$2,500/year for 20ish years on a ~$330,000 home. That left us about three neighborhoods that were actually in our price range. All of these neighborhoods are over 20 years old so we were expecting to find something that needed a little work.

A house that had been well maintained (new roof, new windows, new tankless hot water heater, etc) popped up in a neighborhood well out of our price range but the house itself was listed at a price within our budget!

So today I wanted to share with you the listing photos of the house we are under contract on and share some of my vision and get you guys' opinions on some design items!

The outside of the house is OK but I am definatenly going to replace the front door with either a white or black door, add big posts and black railing. I would LOVE to white wash the brick and paint the siding as well. However, other than the front door that's probably my lowest priority of things I want to tackle on the house. Exterior inspiration below:

I obviously can't change the elevation and shape of the house but love the white, black and cedar combo and would love to eventually bring this color palette to the exterior of our new home! Source: Becki Owens.

When you walk in the front door the formal dining (one of the selling points!) is to the left and living room straight ahead. I do love not walking straight into a kitchen because I tend to not keep my kitchen very clean. A nice clean neutral paint job will be a must throughout.

For the formal dining I'll change out the pendant and do new paint. I'm thinking potentially something moodier. I highly doubt I end up doing something as dark as my current inspiration but this is how I'm feeling today, so I'l go with it. Source Suburban B's.

I'm really hoping that there is room to put a cute little bench by the front door. I'm loving this set up from Studio McGee.

I was dead set on having a half bath. This is a very 2000's half bath and since it's such a small room I do want to re-do it rather quickly. Below is my inspiration. However, I'm hesitant to do a pedestal sink since you get rid of storage.....

All that's going to happen in here is fresh paint. I am struggling with how I think the furniture should be arranged. The angled fire place is throwing me off. I guess I will probably fake built-ins in here for the TV or buy a cute TV stand but nothing major. I really, really want a new couch but unless I'm going to go leather, I probably need to wait until I'm done with babies who poop and spit up on couches!

One thing I'm super sad about is losing my "mud room" or area where I drop my purse, mail, diaper bag, carseat, kick off shoes, throw my jacket, etc. I hate to give up cabinet space BUT I think I will tear these out and install locker type cabinets. I figured Id put a big hutch in the dining room which will make up for tearing these out. My inspiration for "locker" cabinets from Brooke Wagner Design.

In the kitchen we will do new pendent lighting. Photo from McGee and Co. These pendents are my inspiration. I also LOVE the way the fridge is built in but that probably won't happen. I'm still debating between gold or black hardware but I have plenty of time. 

I'm still debating between black or gold hardware but leaning more towards gold. For counter tops I'll definitely go with a quartz in a white. I'm going to replace the cabinet doors to shaker style. 

I think ultimately i will pull the desk out, do a coffee bar area with open shelving and build in around the fridge. Or potentially move the microwave over here so I can have a vent hood above the stove! Quick setup with microwave:

I absoultely loved the eat in kitchen area and this was another selling point of the house. I'm going to replace the light, do a round table and a cute kid table. With a sitting area as well.

I'm uncertain if I'll do more of a modern table or just classic. Current inspiration from Monika Hibbs.

The master will get a fresh new paint job and hopefully some new furniture and decor from our current bedroom (eventually). I want the master to feel very luxurious so the remodel in the bedroom and bathroom will have to be saved for and budgeted and I will have to be patient.

I'm not sure how I feel about double doors into the bedroom and need to look for some inspiration for door replacement. I love paneled glass doors but I'm not sure I want that in this space.

The bathroom is one of the renovations I'm most excited for. I think I'll go with a wood vanity, marble tile, turkish rug, free standing tub, and a pretty tiled shower with glass door. Here's some of my inspiration:

Source unknown (from Pinterest).

Source: EH Design.

Upstairs is where we are going to start on renovations. Here we are doing all new paint, trim, doors. This will be Aspens room which won't look much different than her current nursery but I'm hoping there will be room for a cute love seat in here.

THE RAINBOW ROOM! This will be baby boys nursery. With wallpaper on the rainbow wall haha.

This will be te playroom and we will just paint the built ins. Gray actually. We are going to go with white walls and gray trim and doors up here.

Inspiration: Joanna Gains

We are also going to do a bathroom gut immediately. Here's some inspiration for this:

Source: Becki Owens.


I honesty have zero idea with what we will do in the basement but it's my second lowest priority and we are several years out from prob doing anything down there.

There's a guest bedroom and bathroom down there. I will be renovating the bathroom when I save enough money to do so, and get all the other renovations done. I really, really want a black paneled door so I think this will be my black and white bathroom! Inspiration:

Source: Byrd Design

I'm really excited about the outdoor space in this house, and the huge tree's!! I can't wait for fall!!

I'm excited and nervous to take on this new adventure but excited to share the journey wit you. I'l do detailed blog posts as we go through the reno's with links to everything we've picked out and budgets for each renovation (if you are interested in seeing all of it!).

In the mean time, if anyone wants to come help move - I will feed you, let you play with my really cute baby and booze you up??

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