Our House is On the Market!

Our house is on the market and we are absolutely crazy guys!!

I'm here today to share the listing pictures from our house but thought I'd fill you in on a bit of personal information on how we got here.

I've lived in my current house since February 2015 when I moved back from Houston. My ex and I bought it together. When going through the divorce (ughhh, i hate that word!!) I stayed in the house while it was on the market (I was paying all the bills don't worry!). We still owned the house together after the divorce was finalized and we both had moved on with our lives (mine included bringing a baby girl into the world!!). We agreed to taking the house off the market for a month to let it rest, the month Aspen was born. Baby Daddy owned a house too which I really had been staying at. As Aspen's arrival got closer we decided to start staying at my house because it was closer to my parents and a little bit safer neighborhood. Then we realized paying two house payments was stupid so baby daddy sold his house without it even going on the market! We got an offer on my house right before taking it off the market but it was crappy so my ex and I both agreed to decline it and let the house rest for a month or so.

In the mean time, I had Aspen, the people that put an offer in on the house had been creeping on me on social media and figured out the whole story, and decided to contact my ex directly and try to cut realtors and me out of the deal..... This all happened when i was still in the hospital. It wasn't a great time. Ultimately what ended up happening is Baby Daddy and I bought my ex out for that same offer.

We decided we'd live here until the first of the year and then put the house on the market again and find something that could be ours together... Well, I got pregnant.... again.... so we decided to delay that plan and wait until 2019. However, over 4th of July weekend we started talking about it and realized our neighborhood was hot right now and he talked me into listing it again.... So, here we are... a house on the market and 6 months pregnant.... This is what I like to call self induced stress and what I like to try and avoid in my life haha.

So, if you are here just for the pictures from the listing.. Here they are!

I'm not sure if I've ever shared the exterior of our house. We live in a very young and active new build neighborhood. We have one of the biggest lots up against a tree line which is nice since the neighborhood doesn't have mature tree's yet!

I also don't know if i've ever shared this bathroom. This is the kids bathroom and also the bathroom that dinner guests use. We changed out the counter tops in here and framed the mirror. I was about to do a mini bathroom remodel including wallpaper but probably will wait on that now. One of the major reasons I want a new house is to have a half bath to send dinner guests too instead of your kids bathroom! 

Aspen's room you've seen a million times. I have a full blog post here with links to sources.

Here's the basement bar that I was/am going to eventually modernize. Bar has been out of service for awhile though. HAHA the joys of pregnancy.

The basement is still pretty farmhousey which I was going to work on re-doing on maternity leave with baby boy.

It's a nice big room though with plenty of space for toys and kids to run around!

The basement guest bathroom might be my favorite room. It was unfinished when I purchased the house and the builder finished it but I got to pick all the finishes!

Here's the master bathroom. I never really did anything special in here but it was a good base as-is. The shower doesn't look like anything special but don't be fooled, it's MASSIVE with two shower heads which has been awesome. I doubt we will get this big of a shower in our new home and it makes me really sad.

The tub that only got used for dirty laundry and  milk bath pics haha.

The back deck is small but covered so it's really fun for watching storms roll in! 

Our dining area is one reason I want a new house. You can walk around the table because it's so tight. We squeeze a high chair in the corner but theres definately not room for two high chairs! 

We have a large formal entry way which is nice but I'd much rather the square footage be more useful.

Here's the room that i started as a playroom and was about to get turned into a nursery! 

I loved our garage entryway. It was a great place to drop purses, diaper bags, hats coats, shoes etc. It's one of my "designated messy spaces". Pro Tip: Your entire house can't be clutter free and clean so designate a couple of areas you are ok with being messy - and then throw everything in there!!

This is probably one of my favorite shots of the house. I like open concept but honestly prefer more segregation between rooms.

Here's the guest bedroom in the basement.

Here's the pantry that I had high hopes for organizing and making pretty but it's another designated messy area so it has yet to happen.

Here's the 5th bedroom in the basement we just finished. This is where the playroom was going to get moved to! 

I love listing photos but its so weird how real estate pictures turn ALL the lights on where blogging photos you hardly ever utilize overhead light. They also utilize wide camera lenses where interior bloggers typically don't.

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