Classic Baby Boy Nursery with Modern Twist

It's been awhile since I've blogged! Being pregnant and keeping up with Aspen and work has kept me busy but I got a little burst of energy so here I am! With Aspens first birthday party behind us, I'm in full blown Nursery planning! I plan on blogging Aspen's birthday party once all the pictures are in but for now I've been sharing peaks on instagram!

My original vision for the nursery was very calm and classical but I've found more modern elements that I want to incorporate so it's going to be a bit more edgy!

The dresser is what I've had the hardest time picking. I finally decided today that this is the one. I'm not sure if I'll love having something so dark in the room but it's a good price so I'm going to order it and can always return it if I hate it. I was soooo in love with one from Crate and Kids but just couldn't justify spending that type of money in the nursery.

Campaign Dresser

The crib I've had picked out for quite awhile but whether i was getting white or natural all depended upon the dresser. Since I decided on a darker dresser I decided to go with the light crib. I also debated on even buying a new crib. The kiddos will be 16 months apart but baby boy will sleep in our room for 6 months-ish. After talking to several people, I decided to go ahead and get another crib!

Gelato Crib

I ordered the rug while we were on vacation in Hawaii. It was 40% off but its been on back order since. I like the texture it will bring to the room but I would probably choose something different now had I known what dresser I was going to go with. It should be in within the next week or two so if I don't love it, I'll send it back as well! I have zero shame with returning things.


The hamper was a huge splurge.. but i absolutely loved it. I got the medium size bin and its actually quite large. I definitely would not want a bigger one. I picked it up over Memorial Day weekend when Serena and Lily was having a sale.


The wall paper was also a splurge from Serena and Lily. I'm not sure how i feel about it now that i have it in person but I'm going to trust that once it's up on the wall I'll like it. I plan on just wallpapering one wall but I have a feeling I'll end up ordering more after that one wall is complete to do the entire room.

Wall Paper

I'm still debating on the changing basket. I like the aesthetic of the basket but with a little boy I think I might want a rubber one that can be wiped down easily.

Changing Basket

I still haven't chosen a blanket/quilt but will probably go with one of the two below.


Quilt 2

The crib sheet was one of the first thing I ordered. Back when I thought I was going to go with a classical light blue nursery. I still love it and think it will help set a calm tone for the room.

Crib Sheet

Not really nursery decor but I plan on getting this linen baby book. I'm soo happy I found it because i was thinking about splurging on one that was much more expensive!!

Baby Book

I'm in love with cuddle and kind dolls and got one for Aspen for her birthday. They are expensive but their mission is so worth supporting. These two were the original inspiration and color pallette for the nursery.



I plan on adding a few cute pillows. I love Laurel and Bush pillows and have several in my house so I will probably order this one as well as hunt TJ Maxx and HomeGoods for others. Ideally, I'd like to find one the same color as the dresser to tie it all together as well.


So, I was at my grandparents house a few weeks ago and my grandma found this super cute puppy dog stuffed animal that used to be my moms. I knew immediately I had to incorporate it in the nursery. He's dressed in blue striped overalls. I was going to get baby boy a light blue linen romper to match the cuddle and kind lamb but, I think this one is going to win so he can match Barney!

Linen Romper

I don't plan on purchasing another glider and instead just moving Aspens into the baby boys room. Aspen was such an easy baby that we barely had to rock her and could just kind of bounce her while sitting on the couch. Hopefully baby boy is as easy but I doubt I can luck out twice.


I still haven't decided on curtains or art work but I decided I will get all of this stuff on order and then see what I'm feeling. We also have IKEA Billy Book cases framing the large window in the room. I've yet to decide if I will be keeping these in the nursery or not. They were intended for the playroom, which is going to get moved downstairs. I did just order the doors for the bottom of the shelves so if I do keep them in the nursery I can hide diapers, wipes and other essentials.

I also have to clean out MY closet so Jud can move into it. Right now he is utilizing the closet in the nursery for his (there actually IS plenty of room in the master closet but that's one thing he doesn't like to share lol). I ultimately want a cute closet as well because I always have the closet doors open but I also know that didn't work out for me 100% in Aspen's. It's cute but it gets messy quite frequently!

I'm so excited to see the nursery come together and will share updates along the way. I'm a bit nervous about having two under two and newborn life again but am excited to meet our lil guy this fall!

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