Top Most Asked About Items in Our Home

I have officially lived in my house for three years this past Valentines Day! Well, minus the four or so months that I stayed at Baby Daddy's house pretty much full time while it was on the market. I think I've shared this story before but when my house wasn't selling we decided to take it off the market and move into it. It's in a very family friendly neighborhood, in the school district we wanted to be in - which all the sudden became important and was closer to work.

The home was a model home when I purchased it three years ago. I had just moved from Houston for a new job and was in "Corporate Housing". Corporate Housing was a hotel room, which I decided I didn't want to do with furry friends so it ended up being in my parents basement. I love my parents to death but living in their basement after being out of the house for seven years, I was use to my own space. Needless to say, I was in a hurry to find something. I would have LOVED to build and picked every design aspect of the house but at that time in my life it wasn't in the cards.

I get asked lots of items about design aspects of the house or items in it. I've tried to link the exact or similar items and give you a review of them!


1. Pendant Lights above the Island

I really do like these lights. They are simple, yet interesting and don't feel like they will go out of style. If I was to pick lights, I'd probably go with something similiar even though I'd be inclined to go with gold lantern style lights. One thing is they DO collect dust. I'm not certain where the exact ones are from since they came with the house but I've linked similiar ones below.

Option 1

2. Counter Stools

This is probably the MOST asked about item. They've served me well. I purchased them at Dillards when I lived in Houston and had family coming in town for Easter. I had just moved into my house there and was worried about not having enough seating.

I loved these counter stools at one point but they aren't really my style any longer. I am actually looking for new ones. They've held up relatively well but there hasn't been many kids around them and we've taken care of them. They have lost several of the nail heads on the seats. I'm looking for -new ones that I'll be able to wipe down while raising kiddos. WHY ARE THEY SO MESSY ANYWAYS?!

Option 1

Option 2

3. Kitchen Table

My kitchen table has lived with me through two houses. When I sold my Houston house the buyer wanted the table. At that time, I was attached to it. Like, this freakin table was part of me and I wasn't going to give it up.

When I got an offer on the current house I live in, they also wanted the table. I wasn't as attached to it then but I just didn't like the premise of giving someone my dining room table. I declined that offer anyways because those people, or those peoples realtor were doing some shady stuff.

This table is still kind of my style. I'm not enjoying rustic as much in my home decor anymore and this table can really swing either rustic or modern. It came from West Elm which is definitely on the modern side of things. I LOVE the modern look but I haven't fully embraced it yet. I am wanting to embrace it in the basement when I finally try and tackle that space. I would enjoy having a more traditional table but that probably won't happen until we move and hopefully have a traditional dining room.

Exact Table Here

4. Paint Color

My entire house (with the exception of the entry way) is painted Accessible Beige. The walls are matte and the trim is the wood paint version of it. I love the color and would highly recommend it! It is so neutral, goes with everything and has a warmth to it.

5. Basement Bathroom Mirrors

The basement bathroom is actually one thing that was unfinished when I purchased the house. The builder finished the bathroom but I was able to pick all the finishes. The mirrors were something I purchased and loved. I will say they are VERY poor quality though. They both cracked shortly after hanging them which was disappointing.

Mirrors Here

6. Basement Bathroom Lights

Even though I selected the style of these the builder actually purchased them so I'm not 100% sure where they came from. I wish I would of went with something more traditional and timeless.100

Similar Here

7. TV Cover

This was a DIY, not done by me because I don't have a creative word working bone in my body. Ballard Designs has one now though!

TV Barn Door Cover
Option 2

8. Nightstands

These were also a DIY with the IKEA Tarva chest of drawers as the base. We did cut down the legs on them. then we split plywood to make the drawers look like multiple small drawers.

We mostly followed The Painted Hive tutorial.

That's all for today! If there's anything else you see me post and want to know where its from just let me know!

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