Baby Girl Easter Basket

I think you guys already know this but I LOVE spoiling my little girl. Holidays have a whole new meaning with kids around. So far, she hasn't really been into them but its still been fun. However, now thats she's interacting with toys and people I CAN'T WAIT FOR EASTER!

I also gave up shopping for lent this year other than items for Aspens Easter basket. Which means, I've justified anything I've wanted to get her because "It's for Easter"....However, hardly any of it actually fit in the basket..... oops. I was going to do the Pottery Barn Shopping Cart as her basket but I found the cutest scalloped gold basket at Target that I couldn't pass up. The rest of my shopping was done primarily at one of my favorite local stores Love of Character. I've linked everything at the bottom of the post!

I've linked up where everything is from below. I do plan on probably getting her a couple of little plastic toys that make noise too since that's actually what she loves! Ha! I swore I would never have that stuff.... but it entertains her soooo what can you do? My rule is if it will fit in a basket and I can hide it then she can have it LoL!

Easter Eggs

Bunny Pouch

Heirloom Carrots


Sunglasses (Similar - I actually almost got these ones instead!)



Swim Suit



Happy Easter Shopping for your kiddos friends!!

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