Aspen at 7 Months

I'm pretty terrible at being timely on monthly pictures of Aspen. It's hard to get anything extra done during the week outside of the typical norm of bathing and feeding her so I'll give myself a pass. I thought I'd come on here and share her cute pictures and tell you what a day in the life of Aspen is like at 7 months!


She's a petite little thing at only 15 lbs 6 oz (I know the pictures say she passed 16lbs which we were super excited about but she either lost weight or my scale vs. docs scale and was only 15lbs 6oz today at the doctor). Thats 20% weight and she's 26.5in which is 44% height.

She loves her dog, pulling herself up on things, babbling "babababa" "mamamama" and scooting herself everywhere.

She really doesn't like diaper changes, clothes changes, wiping her nose. You know the typical poopy things.

A typical day in the life of us is to wake up between 5:00am - 6:00am. Baby eats, I get ready and we try to be out the door by 6:30am to head to daycare and work. Aspen loves daycare and all the daycare ladies that take care of her. There's lots of toys and friends there. It really does make going to work easier when you know that your baby is in such good hands.

She takes three small naps during the day at daycare. She eats around 30oz of milk a day. She's currently on a mixture of formula and breast milk. She's been exclusively on breast milk until this past month when my production significantly decreased. When I started back at work at 12 weeks I was pumping around 40oz a day and pumping 6 times. At first I slowly decreased to where it wasn't that noticeable. Maybe 1-2 oz a day. And then all the sudden I was down to about 20oz a day and going through the freezer stash really fast so I knew it was time to do something. We tried a lot of different formulas, all of which she either refused or had allergic reactions with.We finally found one, Nutramigen that seems to be working. We are putting splenda in it to make it sweeter like breast milk.

As far as solids, she really doesn't like baby food. We've tried a lot of different ones and she's just not a fan. She doesn't want me spoon feeding her. We've started mum-mum's which she likes but on occasion will swallow too big of a piece and then everything is coming back up. My parents fed her biscuits and gravy which she loved and she's had mashed potatoes that were just so-so. From here on we are going to take more of the baby-led weaning route and try things she can feed herself such as small pieces of soft carrots, green beans, pears, avacados, etc. If you have more ideas of what to feed a picky child like mine, PLEASE let me know!!

I pick her up from daycare around 5:30 and we come home and play, eat and take a bath. She is pretty fussy by about 6:30 and ready for her bed. She likes to put herself to sleep so I lay her down awake with her binky and it doesn't take long before she's out. She typically sleeps through the entire night but on occasion she wakes up and wants to eat or cuddle.  After baby goes to bed we eat. I typically only cook twice a week and try and make big meals so we can eat left overs. Some of our favorites are chicken and quinoa, million dollar spaghetti, chicken and noodles, enchiladas, one pan meals, crock pot meals, etc.

Weekends are filled with LOTS of cuddles, play time and cleaning to make up for what all we didn't do during the week! It's been hard to leave baby girl and go to work but we are settling into a groove that works for us.

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