DIY Flocked Christmas Tree

Let me just start off with saying I am not a DIY-er. I'm far from a perfectionist. I just like to see things get done and get done quickly. I'm like this both at home and in my professional life. Sure, I can clean the floors - there will still be dog hair afterwards. Yes, I can sew a pillow - it won't be straight. All that to say that if I do a DIY and it turns out OK ANYONE could do t.

I set up my Christmas tree in the great room this year. This is the first year I've put a full size tree up in this room so it was already differnt than normal. I was also doing a blush, gold, gray and white color pallette because ever since I had Aspen I pretty much want blush and gold everywhere. I put the Christmas Tree up and it wasn't bad by any means but, the green was just a lot..I started eyeballing all these flocked tree's and wanted one soo bad but, I couldn't justify adding another tree to my stash (I have six... eek!). So I started looking into flocking it myself.

I found this Sno-Bond Flock on amazon and it said all you needed was a water bottle and kitchen sifter. It was super easy, only took about 30 minutes and I love the results. I only used about 1/3 of the box and didn't flock super heavy. I wish I would of flocked heavier but, I'll add to it next year.

The flocking is very settle but, if you compare it to where we started you can definitely tell a difference.

Here's where we started:

So, if a flocked tree is something you want but, you don't want to spend the money on I totally say DIY this! Oh, one thing i should note is that you ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT DO THIS INSIDE. I almost ignored that step on the directions because I'm lazy.. And I'm so happy I didn't. Let's just say it was less work bringing the tree outside than it would have been cleaning up the mess inside.

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