Christmas Gift Idea for Loved Ones

We (as in my mom, dad, brother) hadn't had family pictures taken in.... forever. We had a family picture taken on a cruise 9 years ago hanging at the bottom of the stairs and it had the ex man in it so, my mom was desperately wanting an updated picture.

My mom's birthday is in November and she might be the hardest person to shop for because she buys most of what she wants herself (I get that honestly). I had the idea to do a family picture session and it just so happened that Shianne, our photographer that moved to San Diego was going to be in town the weekend of her birthday and so was my brother who is currently away at college.

My mom LOVED the gift and now she has photo's she can cherish forever. I wanted to think of a creative way to "give" the gift to her. I knew driving her to the photo location wouldn't work because she wouldn't of been "photo ready" (ie. outfit). I ended up just telling my mom that we were doing it but, later I realized I should of wrapped a picture frame with the details of the photography session.

If you are struggling with a gift for a loved one I suggest a photography session. It's unique, special and something that can be enjoyed more than just Christmas morning.

Here are our photo's from our mini session. Yes, it appears Aspen may have stole the show (she always does) but, we did two sessions  - My Moms Bday Family Session and Aspen's 6 Months.

Shianne does such wonderful work and I'm so sad she left but, I plan on having her take pictures of Aspen any time she is back in town. I've also found a photographer I like that's here as well for any milestone Shianne can't do!

What are some other sentimental, unique gift ideas you guys have? 

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