Sunday Shennanigans

Sunday Funday has taken on a whole new meaning since having a baby. Instead of finding the best brunch and mimosa specials (well, don't get me wrong I'm still all about this) and finding the best patio to drink on to forget tomorrow is Monday, Sundays have become all about family time.

We decided we wanted to go look at some of the houses on Parade of Homes in the area. We live right across the street from our neighborhood model homes and never walked through them so that's where we started. There are four model homes in a row and the two story was definitely my favorite but, I really liked some features from some other homes too.

I love homes that don't open directly up into the grand room. This entry way was done right with an office right to the side and a hallway that leads you to the grand room.

I loved this kitchen and blue island! Blue is not normally my jam but, I thought it was settle enough yet, tied together with the built in's in the living space. I also LOVE that they did the sink in front of the window and you have the entire island for prep space.

I liked that the microwave was in the pantry - they are such an eye soar. In the pantry there was also "built in" bowls for the dog. Can't forget about our furry family! 

I really liked the tile on the fireplace AND the layout of this living room. My living room is about the same size and I may try this layout soon! 

Here was the office right off of the entry way. This could also be a cute play room but, there was a playroom upstairs on the stair landing too. I think Aspen will have enough toys that she may need multiple play areas though :).

I loved that the designer decided to go trendy and do wallpaper in the powder room. I also REALLY wish that my house had a powder room and I didn't have to send guests to Aspens bathroom. Not a huge deal right now but, once she's a teenager I'm sure she will be messy.

Here was the shower in the master bath. I really liked the textured subway tile. 

I love that the Wichita Area is starting to build more two stories. I grew up in a two story and it's my favorite house layout. Wichita went about 20 years without building new two stories and this past year I've seen a lot more new builds that aren't just your typical one story traditional or ranch style. Way to go Wichita.

You can see all of this house here.

I really loved the natural wood shiplap of this basement bar and am thinking my basement bar might need a facelift.

You can see more photos of this house here.

I really liked this feature wall. I'm not sure I'd love staring at it everyday but, it did look really high end in person. 

You can see more photos of this house here .

We then stepped it up a notch and went and looked at some of the homes several notches out of our price range...

I really liked these white cabinets. Honestly though, I would have selected different counter tops and back splash. One thing I did LOVE about this home is that it had a formal dining. It doesn't seem that homes in the $350K price range are building in formal dining anymore and I wish they would.

You can see more of this home here.

I love this master bath. So white and clean.

Such a beautiful entry way.

And beautiful grand room with beams. This also makes me really excited to have shelves in my living room. 

You can see more of this house here.

The parade got cut short because I had a grumpy baby. I think she may be teething already... I can see white spots under her gums and all she wants to do is slobber and chew..... Babies and dogs are soo much alike. I enjoy showing her "tricks" to everyone (ie. roll over) and I don't know how many times this weekend I said "Give me Aspens chew toy".

Anyways, the high end homes were impressive but, honestly the two story is still my favorite. What do you guys think? Which was your favorite? Parade of homes goes on next weekend too so maybe we will try and hit up a few more.

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