Grocery Store Fall Table

My fall table is a bit hodge-podged this year. I was a little late to the pumpkin game. Normally I'd be scouring every place in town every day to see if their real pumpkins had came in yet but, I didn't get any real pumpkins until last week. Seriously, I waited until October. Hey, being a new working mom tends to take up a good portion of time.

My fall table started at pottery barn with the light pink napkins and gold "give thanks" napkin rings. My vision was a blush and gold table with white pumpkins... Well, you see how well that worked...

Back to the pumpkins. I couldn't find small white pumpkins ANYWHERE. One store had four so I of course bought all of them. I then gave up on the white pumpkin hope and bought some peach Cinderella ones and put them on the table. I had purchased the placemats before and intended on taking them off since they didn't really go but, this was for real a hodge podge, kept putting items down as I bought them.

Then this last Sunday I was at the grocery store (I do all my grocery shopping and meal prepping on Sunday to lower the stress on myself during the week) and they had itty bitty white baby pumpkins so I snatched some of them up. They also had pumpkin shaped butternut squash so I grabbed a few of them and then grabbed a greenery bunch in florals for some filler.

Even though my table doesn't match and all came from the grocery store it really is hard to mess up pumpkins and greenery.

Gold Lantern - Target
Plates - World Market
Napkins - Pottery Barn
Gold Wine Glasses - Target
Gold Flatware - Target
Napkin Rings - Pottery Barn
Placemats - World Market
Candle Holders - Magnolia Market

I have high hopes of doing another fall table this season but, we will see. We are hosting halloween so maybe I'll put together something new by then! 

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