Favorite Style Friendly Baby Products

So I cringed at the thought of bright color, plastic crazed baby items that would soon fill my house when I found out I was pregnant. I mean don't get me wrong, this feeling came WAYYYY after rejoicing that I was going to get a precious baby but, I immediately started researching products that weren't huge eye soars. And although, they can be tough to find they DO exist.

Some things you just bite the bullet and deal with but, other items I actually was sad when I packed them away because they were just THAT cute! Anyways, I thought I'd share my favorite items. Most I personally have and other items I registered for and didn't get but, still love their look.

Let's talk high chairs for a minute. Right now I have the Ikea high chair and I spray painted the legs copper and purchased a Yeah Baby Goods cover for it. Right now I really like it with her being small. We haven't started solids yet so I've just used it to sit her in while I'm cleaning the kitchen or cooking. When she gets a bit bigger I may want something sturdier and at that point I will probably purchase the Skip Hop one.

Another one of my favorite items, which if you read any mom blogs you already know about, is the Rock and Play. I like this one. Definitely not the trendiest baby item but, was magic for us. Aspen slept in the moses basket until she was 4 weeks, the rock and play from 4-8 weeks and now she's in the halo bassinest. I thought last night was going to be her first night in her crib because my parents watched her and that's where she was asleep when we got home but, dad wasn't ready. Yes, you read that right. Dad wanted her close. I mean me too though.

These are also some of my other favorite items. Yeah, I have a slight obsession with Pottery Barn Kids.

I love this baby blanket. 

Pottery Barn Kids has a really good selection of boppy covers so you don't have to live with the baby prints. I've seen some cuter ones at Target recently but, you really can't beat belgian linen so this is the one she has. Her other adoptive auntie, Megan got this one for her with her name on it. 

Aspen has this unicorn bath towel but, it comes in several other critters if unicorns aren't your thing. Unicorns are a bit overdone lately but, I've fallen into the craze. 

I have a different play gym that I absolutely adore and my bestie aka Aspen's adoptive aunt got her but, it's discontinued. I still think this one is really cure

 I also like this play gym, it's a newbie.

 Not a baby item but, helped me keep my sanity was this seagrass basket. I used it to tote around my pump. It was wonderful that I could just grab the handles and go from room to room with my pump. Now I actually use the diaper bag above as my pump bag to haul back and forth from work and the pump pretty much never comes out of the bag (so, yes I have two of the same bag, one acting as a diaper bag the other a pump bag).

These stacker toys are adorable and Aspen will be getting them for Christmas.

This sit on swan plush is adorable. I'm debating between this and the unicorn below for Christmas for Aspen.

This travel changing pad is adorable. It's on sale and I might just have to break down and buy it.

I know a lot of these items were geared towards little girls but, there's also still cute trendy boy stuff out there. I suggest following instagram moms that have a trendy style to find other products you like. I can do another post on my favorite mom IG accounts to follow if you would like. 

So what do you guys think? What are your favorite baby products? 

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